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Is the second airline in the UAE to keep the global airline network connected, offering more than 85 and a destination in 55 in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Destinations include London, Moscow, Mumbai, Damascus, Kuwait and Islamabad. The company also provides North American services in New York and Toronto. So any place the customer thinks of traveling to will find him available through the company.

The company offers more than 1000 weekly flights to a large number of destinations we have mentioned on all continents.

The company seeks to express its values ​​in Arab hospitality and warmth, as well as enhance Abu Dhabi's reputation as a global business and leisure destination.

Etihad Airways is inspired by its UAE values ​​and standards compared to the world's best hospitality companies, not just other airlines. The airline has introduced a number of unique travel experiences with world-class products and innovative service offerings such as "cooker", food and beverage managers, and "child care service."

The online reservation service can be used from the website or via the company's application. The website is very SAHL and SAHL to navigate, where the customer can book a one-way or one-way trip and so on.

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