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Click on the Coupon tab in the red rectangle below, copy the Coupon, place the Coupon when you have finished your purchase in the pre-paid field.

How to activate ChicMe offers:

Click on activate the display in the red rectangle of the display to be activated.



ChicMe is a unique shopping center that has a distinctive style that focuses on women's fashion. Where it offers high performance products, including women's clothing, jewelry, beauty supplies, health products, shoes, bags, and more. The vision of the site is to bring happiness in the lives of each of the clients of the site.

Among the features of Chic Me, including but not limited to:

More than 100, 000 products and more than 500 daily update, the site collects information about women's fashion and related products or related to this regard as soon as possible. The site also offers 50-80 prices cheaper than the known prices. Manufacturers Instead of dealing with intermediaries, thus ensuring that the site buys in a range so that the price is below the market price, the site recommends famous products that you may not be familiar with.

At Chic Me, they work to appreciate each customer individually. Where the top priority of the site is to make sure the items are delivered to our customers as soon as possible. Normally you will receive your order in 7-5 business days from the order date.

The site also provides a service tracking request and know where to arrived and when will be delivered,

Secure payment via PayPal or credit card or even pay upon receipt.

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